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Fitness Delivery Tokyo


Fitness Delivery Tokyo


Fitness delivery is deploying services in Tokyo to support your body in total, including personal training, massage, partner stretch and so on.

Personal training tailored to each person, as well as massage and stretching can be chosen according to that person.

As a personal trainer for you, I will make an ideal body and help healthy living.
Please experience premium personal training in Tokyo.




Personal trainers will propose training content according to your goals and requests.Depending on the physical condition of that day, you can concentrate on care by lengthening the time of massage and partner stretching.

Training With


An experienced personal trainer will support your body in total. Personal training is not the only support content.
Massage, partner stretch can also be combined.

In Tokyo


It is possible to train at your home, office, hotel, apartment gym. Private  room gym is also available.





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