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Fitness Delivery Tokyo

About Fitness Delivery Tokyo

Fitness Delivery Tokyo, you can receive personal training, massage, partner stretch at the same time at no additional charge. Each time distribution can be freely combined by the customer on that day.

01. Choose

The condition of our bodies and the motivation of the heart change everyday.I want to spend my time on my training well, a day I want to use time to recover my body with strong feeling of exhaustion,It is necessary to prepare each program according to each day.We can suggest a menu that matches your day.

02. Goal

Diet, build-up, reinforcement of sports, fatigue improvement, improvement of range of motion, improvement of posture. We will conduct a menu according to your goals.

03. All-Inclusive

Massage and stretch are available at no additional charge. Even if you use the gym of your home, office or residence, transportation expenses are included. Even if you use a private gym, no additional fee is required.

04. Support

The more you work hard for your health, the more conflicting problems you get fatigue comes out.
Those who are busy with work and those who are older are also required to work hard not to leave exhausted the next day as they work out.Continuing training on a healthy body and continuing training is important to continue care.




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